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Michele Galli (Humboldt University Berlin)
Tuesday, 21st November 15:00, Aula Wataghin
Consistent truncations and KK spectra via exceptional field theory
In this seminar I will discuss how Exceptional field theory provides us with a natural framework to study AdS vacua and their CFT duals. I will start with a review of consistent truncations and their construction in ExFT, I will then describe two recent examples. In the first we constructed a new consistent truncation of type IIB supergravity on S^3xS^3xS^1. We then found several families of AdS3 vacua preserving various amounts of supersymmetry in 3 dimensions and uplifted the solutions to 10 d. In the second example we found a domain wall solution interpolating between the squashed and round S^7 vacua of 11 d supergravity. We then used the machinery of KK spectrometry to compute the quadratic couplings of fluctuations along the flow.

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