Thermodynamics of near-extreme Kerr

Black holes have been celebrated as "the Hydrogen Atom of the 21st century". From the perspective of classical gravity, a black hole is the simplest object we know of. At the same time, it possesses huge entropy, hinting at an incredibly complex microstructure: understanding this complexity falls in the realm of quantum gravity. In this talk I will review recent results concerning the microscopics and the thermodynamics of black holes, especially in the context of holography. I will focus in particular on the thermodynamics of the fast spinning black holes, and I will describe how recently developed techniques (in collaboration with D. Kapec, A. Sheta and A. Strominger) allowed to compute the quantum corrections to the entropy of near-extremal Kerr black holes, resolving some of the long-standing puzzles concerning the low temperature limit of black hole thermodynamics.

12 December 2023, 14:00