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Title Speaker date
Superconformal theories from S-fold geometries Simone Giacomelli (Oxford) 2021-04-01
Rotating black holes in Anti-de Sitter and updates on the search for multicenter AdS4 black holes Chiara Toldo (University of Amsterdam) 2020-12-15
Radiation in conformal field theories. Jairo Martínez Montoya (Universitat de Barcelona) 2020-12-01
2d (super)gravity and exceptional geometry Gianluca Inverso (Queen Mary University of London) 2020-11-17
Quantum extremal islands made easy Ignacio A. Reyes (Max Planck Institute, Potsdam) 2020-11-10
Type B anomalies (Mis-)Matching Alessandro Pini (Università di Torino) 2020-11-03
Deconfining class S theories Iñaki García Etxebarria (Durham University) 2020-10-20
Bootstrapping defects and boundaries for the free scalar field Balt Van Rees (Ecole Polytechnique) 2020-10-13
The fate of discrete 1-form symmetries in 6d Fabio Apruzzi (University of Oxford) 2020-10-06
Large charges in QFT Diego Rodriguez-Gomez (Universidad de Oviedo and ICTEA) 2020-09-29
Revisiting the epsilon expansion Matthijs Hogervorst (EPFL) 2020-02-18
Resurgence and non-perturbative physics: from string theory to superconductors Marcos Mariño (Université de Genève) 2020-02-11
Integrable fishnet from γ-deformed N=2 quivers Michelangelo Preti (Nordita, KTH and Stockholm University) 2020-01-28
Aspects of Conformal Supergravity Sergio Ferrara (CERN and INFN Frascati) 2020-01-21
Open Closed Superstring Field Theory Mritunjay Verma (INFN Napoli) 2020-01-21
Gravitational perturbations as $T\bar{T}$-deformations in 2D dilaton gravity systems Suguru Okumura (Kyoto University) 2019-12-19
The cosmological constant in supergravity and in string theory Ignatios Antoniadis (AEC Bern and LPTHE Sorbonne Université Paris) 2019-11-19
Generalized ADHM equations from open superstring field theory Jakub Vošmera (CEICO Prague) 2019-11-05
Any O(d,d) transformation preserves classical integrability Yuta Sekiguchi (ITP, AEC Bern and UNITO) 2019-10-29
Non-Abelian gauge theories invariant under diffeomorphisms Olivera Mišković (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso) 2019-10-15
Machine learning for lattice QFT and string theory Harold Erbin (Università di Torino) 2019-10-01
Canonical quantization of the Szekeres spacetime Adamantia Zampeli (Charles University Prague) 2019-09-26
Holographic RG flows, on flat and curved manifolds and F-theorems Elias Kiritsis (APC Paris and University of Crete) 2019-06-11
N=2 to N=1 with one hypermultiplet Jean-Pierre Derendinger (University of Bern) 2019-05-21
The Large charge expansion Susanne Reffert (University of Bern) 2019-05-07
Scattering forms and Stokes Polytopes Prashanth Raman (Institute of Mathematical Sciences - Chennai) 2019-04-10
Noncommutative gauge theories on D-branes in non-geometric backgrounds Richard Szabo (Heriot-Watt University) 2019-04-09
From 3d dualities to 2d free field correlators and back Sara Pasquetti (Università di Milano Bicocca) 2019-03-19
A superconformal bootstrap approach to the "simplest" Argyres-Douglas theory Madalena Lemos (CERN) 2019-03-12
On the holographic origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of 1/16 BPS $AdS_5$ black holes Davide Cassani (INFN Padova) 2019-03-05
3d Abelian Gauge Theories at the Boundary Edoardo Lauria (Durham University) 2019-02-26
Yang-Baxter deformations and generalized supergravity Kentaroh Yoshida (Kyoto University) 2019-02-12
A-infinity algebra from supermanifolds. Pietro Antonio Grassi (Alessandria) 2019-01-29
Living on the walls of Super-QCD Matteo Bertolini (SISSA) 2019-01-22
4d SCFTs via discrete gauging Alessandro Pini (DESY) 2018-12-11
Black hole entropy from 5D twisted indices Itamar Yaakov (Parma) 2018-12-04
T-duality and Double Sigma Models Franco Pezzella (INFN Napoli) 2018-11-27
Towards the 1-loop effective action of type IIB orientifolds Michael Haack (ASC Munich) 2018-11-20
The superfluid universality class of large charge operators Anton de la Fuente (EPFL) 2018-11-13
Surface defects of class $ S_k $ theories as transfer matrices of integrable lattice models Petr Vasko (ARC) 2018-11-06
Holographic RG flows from 7D gauged Supergravity Alessandra Gnecchi (CERN) 2018-10-30
Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Topological Terms Rodrigo Olea Aceituno (U.Andres Bello Santiago del Cile) 2018-10-09
A Quantum Universe before the Big Bang(s) Gabriele Veneziano (College de France and CERN) 2018-10-05
Carrollian Fluids and Ricci-flat Holography Luca Ciambelli (CPHT - Ecole Polytechnique) 2018-10-02
Hamiltonian of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields on asymptotically null spacelike surfaces Claudio Bunster (Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs), Valdivia, Chile) 2018-07-17
Singular OPEs and open string background independence Theodore Erler (ASCR and CEICO, Prague) 2018-06-26
Line defects and emitted radiation Lorenzo Bianchi (Queen Mary University of London) 2018-06-12
The Importance of Being Disconnected, A Principal Extension for Serious Groups Antoine Bourget (Oviedo University) 2018-06-05
On singularities of Super-conformal field theories Mario Martone (University of Texas) 2018-06-05
AdS/CFT and F-theory Dario Martelli (King's College) 2018-05-29
Non-Projected Supermanifolds through Simple Examples Simone Noja (UNIMI) 2018-05-15
Aspects of 4d/2d reductions Antonio Amariti (INFN Milano) 2018-04-24
Big J Simeon Hellerman (Kavli IPMU) 2018-03-06
Pietro Fré (UNITO) 2017-12-12
Higher-derivative invariants in $6D$ $N=(1,0)$ supergravity Gabriele Tartaglino–Mazzucchelli (KUL) 2017-11-28
Torino Day Workshop on String Theory 2017-11-24
Black hole microstates counting from Kaluza-Klein instantons Guillaume Bossard (CPHT, Paris) 2017-11-21
Superstring Field Theory from Supermodulispace Ivo Sachs (LMU) 2017-11-14
Conformal Symmetry and Supergravity: improved currents Antoine Van Proeyen (K.U. Leuven) 2017-10-31
Conformal manifolds without supersymmetry: what can we say? Matteo Bertolini (SISSA) 2017-10-19
The large transverse spin sector of defect CFTs Marco Meineri (EPFL Lausanne) 2017-07-18
From Arnold to Calabi and Yau Antonella Grassi (Penn State) 2017-06-27
Warped effective theories and holography Luca Martucci (Padova) 2017-05-30
Flows, Fixed Points and Dualities in Chern Simons Matter Theories Shiraz Minwalla (Tata) 2017-05-26
On the interactions of Maxwell-like higher spins Dario Francia (SNS, Pisa) 2017-05-23
Status report on 3D supersymmetric Wilson loops: results and surprises Domenico Seminara (Università di Firenze) 2017-05-16
The elementary non-abelian self-dual string and the (2,0)-theory Christian Saemann (Heriott-Watt University) 2017-05-09
The physics of susy-breaking branes Thomas Van Riet (K.U. Leuven) 2017-04-28
Super no-scale models and regimes Herve Partouche (CPHT, Paris) 2017-04-20
The power of perturbation theory Marco Serone (SISSA) 2017-04-01
Conformal bootstrap: non-perturbative QFT's under siege Alessandro Vichi (EPFL, Lausanne) 2017-03-28
Anti-de Sitter versus flat fluid/gravity correspondence Mario Petropoulos (CPTH, Paris) 2017-03-20
Ubiquity of higher spin fields Loriano Bonora (SISSA) 2017-02-14
The role of Vinogradov Lie n-algebroids in gravity and double field theory Andreas Deser (INFN Turin) 2017-01-24
Theta dependence in holographic QCD Francesco Bigazzi (INFN Firenze) 2017-01-17