Generalized ADHM equations from open superstring field theory

Using the framework of marginal deformations in the WZW-like open superstring field theory, we will review the derivation of flatness conditions for D-brane configurations whose worldsheet description admits a global N=2 superconformal symmetry. We will see that evaluation of these conditions localizes on the boundary of worldsheet moduli space, thus providing very simple algebraic constraints on the moduli. Adding the so-called Ellwood invariant to the open SFT action, we will also exhibit modifications of this procedure which are necessary when we turn on an infinitesimal NSNS background. We will demonstrate the utility this method for dealing with a number of concrete superstring backgrounds. In the cases with enough spacetime supersymmetry, we will recover the known structure of F-, D- and Fayet-Iliopoulos terms.

Tuesday, 5th of November 2019, 14:30, sala Wataghin