Any O(d,d) transformation preserves classical integrability

This talk is based on my work [arXiv:1907.03759 ]. I recently studied the classical integrability of O(d,d) transformations including not only O(d,d;Z) duality but also global O(d,d;R) deformation. The latter is known in the traditional literature to generate so-called current-current (\(J \bar J\)) deformations of 2D CFTs. I start from some reviews of Yang-Baxter (YB) deformations of string backgrounds as well as the doubled sigma model. Then I will present how to easily construct the Lax connections in the O(d,d) deformed models via O(d,d) map. Finally I will briefly comment on small questions/ideas on local O(d,d;R), YB, and JJbar in order to consider what we could do more on YB deformations in relation to Moyal product and TTbar deformation.

Tuesday, 29th of October 2019, 14:30, sala Wataghin